Sleep Book with steps on how to improve it.

Sleep Book with steps on how to improve it.

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Insomnia and sleep deprivation

Going for 2 weeks of sleeping less than 6 hours per night will have the same effects as going 24 hours without sleep.

Sleep is essential!!!! It is just as important as oxygen, food, and water.

There are many signs that can indicate you may be sleep deprived:

 Always hungry 
 weight gain 
 acting without thinking (impulsive) 
 constant yawning 
 dozing off while inactive (eg watching tv) 
 feeling groggy when waking in the morning 
 feeling groggy all day 
 poor concentration 
 mood changes 
 over-reacting to situations 
 crying without reason or for weird reasons 
 short term memory loss 
 difficulty making decisions 
 tripping over more frequently (sometimes over nothing) 
 frequent colds 
 blurred vision 
 skin breakouts 
 think you’ve fallen asleep while driving 
 having micro sleeps.

If you feel you are sleep deprived then this book can help point you in the right direction to improving your sleep.

Includes 10 chapters filled with enough information for you to make the changes necessary to help put your sleep back on the right path.

Learn about sleep and how it works plus what happens when you don't get enough.  Also activities that you might be doing and thinking they are healthy choices but are really impacting on your sleep and causing insomnia.

You can't afford to not read this book and learn everything you need to help make a change now.