Pinnacle Naturopathy Clinic

Appointments are available either online
via Telehealth or in person

In our modern world of technology information about everything including health is at our fingertips.


However, this can be very overwhelming. It's difficult to know what information is right and what is the right path for you on your health journey. It can make you feel so alone and that no one understands what you are going through.


This is where I can help. With our amazing telehealth video appointment option individualised healthcare is just a click away. Whether you live in a big city or feel isolated in the country you are not alone anymore. Book an online appointment with me and lets get started on finding the root cause of your problems.


You can book appointments for face to face consultations in our clinic. 

Suitable for those who live in the area.

To see the different types of bookings available with their costs and to book an appointment in our clinic in Brendale click here 



Maybe you live too far away from our clinic, we've got you covered too, you can have your appointment via video and we post out your products as they are needed.

Book an Online/Video chat for your appointment.

Click here to see the different booking types and cost as well as make a booking.