Melissa Callaghan - Naturopath

I am a Bachelor qualified and accredited Naturopath - herbalist & nutritionist. My interest in improving metabolic processes and lymphatic system in the body began while I was studying my degree, each and every semester over the 4 year Health Science degree gave me greater insight into the complexities of these processes and added to my knowledge and my passion in this area.

Even after many many years working one on one in clinic with patients it still affects me each time a new patient would come to me after exhausting all other avenues and they would tell me that I was their last hope and that no one can find anything wrong with them or make any improvements. This is a big responsibility that I don't take lightly.  When you feel like the medical system has let you down or they haven't listened to you and you intuitively know something isn't quite right with yourself, then it is up to me to take care of you and help you move forward on your journey towards feeling better and explain the underlying causes that can create dis-ease in the body.

Gut health dysfunction is the underlying root cause of most diseases and chronic health conditions. 
The number one contributor that affects the function? Toxins. They can impact your health in so many ways.

Toxins such as chemicals either externally in the environment or on the skin or internally through foods and waste products from general metabolism within the body. Toxins can also be viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds. They can be from the foods that you eat that can create inflammation in your gut that creates greater inflammation throughout your body. The list is long.

When toxins can be reduced or even removed from exposure there are major areas that can be improved in your health, these include gut, thyroid, kidney, skin and especially liver health.

Conditions such as Lymphedema, hypothyroidism, fatty liver, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, & irritable bowel conditions.

I help my patients by giving them some symptomatic relief while working on repairing the underlying causes of inflammation and waste accumulation within the body and improve removal of toxic waste via the lymphatic system and the gut. 

Toxic waste can be from chemicals you are exposed to through food or environment or even just from what is left over from processes within your body just to function.  Oestrogen is a great example here, if your body struggles to process it and eliminate it then you will begin to see issues such as heavy periods or even cancer. Gut and liver health are the main drivers of high oestrogen.

My patients experience amazing results which are seen in their blood tests with improved, liver and kidney markers, cholesterol, and thyroid markers.  As well as lowering blood pressure and blood glucose. They also see major relief from gastrointestinal symptoms like the ones that mean you need to know where every single toilet is before you leave the house.

I am very passionate about my patients understanding of what is going on and why they are feeling the way they do.  I want to empower you to understand and keep track of it for yourself. I take the time to explain test results.  I do this for you to feel empowered and be in charge of your health. 

My ultimate goal is that I help you catch up and improve you body's function as quickly as your body will allow and then put you onto a maintenance program, therefore everything I do is to set you up for success.  You will learn how to read your blood tests.  What food choices are good and those that are ??? 

The major difference between seeing myself as a Naturopath compared with a GP is that I am able to spend more time with you to understand how you are feeling and find out exactly what is going on to make you feel this way. When I look at my patients blood test results rather than just looking at reference ranges, I am looking for patterns of change and optimal function.  For example, if I see that your symptoms and blood tests are showing me that you could be heading down a certain pathway eg kidney issues, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or thyroid issues etc, I will begin correcting it now.

Everyday I see women and men who have been told that there is nothing wrong with them but they just don't feel well.  Then as soon as we started working through the treatment plan they become a whole new person. This is why I do what I do. To help you enjoy everyday instead of struggling.  

I work with what your GPs and specialists are already doing and compliment this with repair work and symptomatic relief.  

In addition to my years as a practicing Naturopath I have over 20 years experience working with children and teenagers in my past career, I understand their body language, their behavioural patterns, and their health conditions. I understand why they do what they do, why the are angry, why they are fussy with food, why they are struggling to pay attention. 

In addition to my experience with children and teenagers I also have a lot of extensive experience in teaching parenting and educators to help them understand the behaviours of children. I have given many seminars regarding this to parents as well as teaching other educators and departments within Qld Health and NSW to improve their teaching skills and knowledge of children.

This experience has helped me help many parents whose major stress is parenting. I am able to give strategies and techniques to improve the family dynamics.

My education includes two degrees, one in teaching and one in Health Science to become a Naturopath. I believe passionately in what I do and that I can help many families and I have over 20 years experience doing this.

Major areas for improvement include gut health, thyroid, kidney, liver, weight loss and mental health. Conditions such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, irritable bowel conditions, depression & anxiety. I help my patients by giving them symptomatic relief while working on repairing the underlying causes of metabolic stress and waste accumulation. 

What if the solution was as simple as changing your diet and your mindset. A growing number researchers believe that it is and that you can prevent or even reverse several of our worst diseases.
As a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist I wholeheartedly believe this could also be possible and that the solution isn't just another pill.  I've spent many years developing my program where I have been able to successfully help my patients reduce and even eliminate their pharma meds, lose weight (most lose 6-8 kilos in 8 weeks) and feel full of energy again and I've helped them take back their health and improve their lives and habits. I can help you too.

Melissa Callaghan ND, BHSc, BTeach
Clinical Naturopath



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