One Pot Cauliflower and Lentil Green Curry

Posted by Melissa Callaghan on

This delicious recipe is pretty quick and easy to make.
It has a high fibre content so it is great for helping your body eliminate toxins. 
There are some changes you can make which I often do.  If you want to cut back on the calories switch the coconut milk to another plant based milk like soy milk.  If you use almond milk it will change the flavour alot, you could try oat milk but I haven't used it so not sure how that will turn out. 
A good brand of green curry paste is Maesri it tastes great but a bit on the spicy side so maybe start slow first time around. Unfortunately from overseas so if you know how to make your own from scratch then this is best. 
If you don't have Coconut Amino use Tamari which is gluten free soy sauce. 
Also you don't have to use Cilantro (coriander leaves) you can use parsley. 
Quick Tricks
  • use tinned lentils this way it cooks faster
  • use frozen veggies (no prep time) and mix it up a bit each time
  • you can also dice your onions in advance and freeze them
  • when I make my veggie stock I freeze it using a muffin tray this way they are all in half cup portions you can just throw them in. 
Click on the photo to download the recipe. 

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