Signs that your digestive system needs some help

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Signs that your digestive system needs some help

Your overall health begins with your digestive system. If it is working effectively then chances are that you are healthy. If it is experiencing a few difficulties then chances are you are noticing it physically. 

Our digestive system is crucial for the breakdown and absorption of the food and drink we consume and its effectiveness is crucial to maintain adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Any problems in this area can lead to a whole host of health problems.

We often think of the obvious when it comes to digestive health imbalances such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, heartburn, indigestion, and excess gas.

However, there is more to it than this!!!!

As a Naturopath one of my guiding principles is to treat the cause and with overall health beginning in the digestive system I will usually begin treatment in the gut. 

What are some of the other signs that you need digestive health support?

* Hormone imbalances - pcos, infertility, heavy periods, clotting

* Skin conditions - eczema, acne

* Allergies - hives, hayfever, histamine gets broken down in the gut but only if it is all working properly

* Respiratory - asthma, recurring cough

* Mood imbalances - anxiety, depression, behaviour difficulties, memory loss a, foggy brain, our brain chemicals are made in our gut

* Pain, including fibromyalgia and joint pain

* Autoimmune - thyroid, Rheumatoid, Psoriasis, Lupus

* Bacteria imbalances - candida

* Food intolerances - gluten, dairy, immune system reactions

* High blood pressure

* High cholesterol

* Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes 

* Weightgain

If you experience any signs and symptoms in these areas then chances are very high that you are experiencing poor digestive health and require a gut boost with some repair and improvement in digesting and absorbing your food. 

The most important part of working on the digestive system is improving the ability to eliminate toxins. Just because you have a stool movement everyday doesn't mean you are eliminating everything.  Food can get stuck to the intestines and you can reuptake toxins making you feel sick all the time. 

Eating the right foods can help to eliminate all of the excess and the toxins and it will make you feel a whole lot lighter but getting there on your own can be hard.


We move through stages as we repair the gut and at the same time it is important to work on other areas of the body that are being affected by your gut health. Like all of the above mentioned areas eg thyroid and hormones and especially where your elimination organs and pathways are being affected like your liver and kidneys. 

Toxic build up can cause so many issues in the body.  Getting rid of metabolic waste is one of my major specialties. 

You can read a bit more about that in my post on toxins and detox

At Pinnacle Naturopathy products are compounded to your specific needs.  As everybody is different so too are all of our treatment plans.  They all have names but what is inside changes from patient to patient. 


Appointments can be made through our online video chat software. I help people all over the country and post their products out to them. I can help you too. 

Who am I?

I am a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who specialises in improving metabolic processes in the body and reducing metabolic inflammation. Major areas for improvement include gut health, thyroid, kidney, liver, weight loss and mental health. Conditions such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, irritable bowel conditions, depression & anxiety. I help my patients by giving them symptomatic relief while working on repairing the underlying causes of metabolic stress and waste accumulation. 

What if the solution was as simple as changing your diet and your mindset. A growing number researchers believe that it is and that you can prevent or even reverse several of our worst diseases.
As a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist I wholeheartedly believe this could also be possible and that the solution isn't just another pill.  I've spent many years developing my program where I have been able to successfully help my patients reduce and even eliminate their pharma meds, lose weight (most lose 6-8 kilos in 8 weeks) and feel full of energy again and I've helped them take back their health and improve their lives and habits. I can help you too.

Melissa Callaghan ND, BHSc, BTeach
Clinical Naturopath

Appointments can be made through our video chat software. I help people all over the country and post their products out to them. I can help you too.

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