Peri menopause - the impact of Insulin and Cortisol

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Things have changed. The lifestyle you have been living for years is no longer working. Always thought the candle could be burnt at both ends forever. 

It was always so easy to go out to dinner all the time and have a few drinks and not worry about the impact that it has on the body. But now, you can't so much as even look at a slice of bread and you put on 10 kgs. Tried every new diet known to man and little bits of success but it just doesn't fit into your lifestyle, can't sustain it or they used to work and no longer do. 

What is going on!!!!!

A visit to the GP tells you that your cholesterol is going up along with your blood pressure, you just need to lose weight and it's normal for your hormones to be playing up at YOUR age.  No solution given. Arghhhhh

Insulin and Cortisol are actually good guys who get a bad wrap.  

When there is metabolic inflammation your trillions of cells that produce your energy in your muscles and liver are producing inflammatory cytokines and creating chaos in your body and in addition to this they are blocking insulin from doing its job of getting glucose inside each of the energy factory cells which is needed for metabolism.  As a result the pancreas needs to release more and more insulin.  This is a huge problem because insulin is a fat hoarder.  There is no way you can lose weight while this is happening. 

Then combine this with high stress levels and you have a double whammy.  When cortisol increases so too does the production of insulin.  While insulin likes to hoard fat, cortisol likes to store it. 

When we are heading towards menopause there are alot of hormonal fluctuations and emotional changes. We become affected by stress a lot more easily than we used to. This tends to change our eating habits and increase our cravings. 

Although you are noticing it around this stage of life, this problem began many many years ago. 

If only you could understand what is going on inside the body and do what needs to be done while still enjoying life at the same time. 

You can!!!!!

Hi my name is Melissa Callaghan - I am a Bachelor qualified and accredited Naturopath and Nutritionist who specialises in reducing metabolic inflammation as well as improving gut health.

In my many years working in clinic with my patients I believed that even though everyone had different illnesses there must be one thing that everyone has in common. Our society was just getting sicker and sicker. The most common conditions people go to hospital for are heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, and mental health. I questioned why this was getting worse and worse and occurring in younger age groups more and more.

So I made it my mission to try and get to the bottom of this and I spent years searching for answers. I knew there were contributing factors to people getting sick such as toxins and that these needed to be removed to prevent further sickness but not everyone was exposed to the same toxins. Yet the same illnesses kept filling our medical system. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues and obesity. I've worked in all these areas for years there must be something in common. I asked myself.

Then it hit me, everyone eats. It must be in the food. I began a journey of discovery and found that it was the ingredients in our food creating metabolic inflammation at a cellular level in our bodies. This was blocking pathways so no wonder we couldn't function properly. 

It all began to make sense. If I can create a program that helps people see food from a different perspective then I may be able to help reverse and prevent all of the conditions that people came to my clinic with and combine this with my natural medicine formulas to catch you up and help you feel better quicker.  

Conditions like:

- Metabolic syndrome
- Central adiposity
- High cholesterol
- High blood pressure
- Inflammation
- Type 2 diabetes
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Fibromyalgia
- Migraines
- REFLUX (so common)
- Brain fog
- Hormonal imbalances
- Adrenal fatigue
- Chronic pain
- Endometriosis
- Fibroids

Honestly the list goes on. There are so many conditions connected to metabolic inflammation.

I began spending endless hours researching through all of the scientific evidence to find research papers to back up my findings. From here I began to create a program.  One program that would help EVERYONE.

This was hard for me as I am a Naturopath who is trained to create individualised treatment plans and I definitely still do this. BUT there were so many components of what I was already doing with each of my patients that followed the same path so I put them all together for everyone to follow.

I then began to add in the recipes and focused on creating meals that were delicious, quick and easy to prepare and that the whole family would love.

There was one last thing that I needed.  Over the years I had researched many many other programs and have seen many people try these programs only to bounce right back to where they started or worse after they finished.

I vowed to myself that the most important component (other than regaining health) was for everyone to be able to sustain the new lifestyle. I created a program that is completely flexible. You can go intense when you need to and not so intense when you don’t.

You can change your habits and stop the cravings, binging, and emotional eating. This a big part of what I do. I help you to understand your relationship with food and turn it into a positive one so you will never feel guilty about eating ever again. 

After getting the ball rolling I begin to use this program in clinic with my patients and within weeks and months I was seeing huge success.  Blood test markers were correcting themselves. People were no longer borderline diabetic, blood pressures where going down, Drs had to reduce and remove medications. Reflux was non-existent and fat began to melt away.

I knew I was on the right path. At the moment the program is available to all of my patients and soon in the not so distant future it will also be available as an online program. I can’t wait. I’m super excited to help everyone reduce their metabolic inflammation and take back their health.

If you are ready to take back your health, then book in to see me today. I see patients from all over Australia and New Zealand thanks to technology I can help you too.  


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