Hormone Imbalance in Men as well as Women

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Hormone Imbalance in Men as well as Women

There are many indications of hormone imbalance and the difficult part about making the assessment about whether the hormones are out of balance or not is that a lot of the signs and symptoms can also be signs and symptoms of other conditions in the body.  That's where seeing a Naturopath comes in handy rather than a google search.  Naturopath's are trained detectives when it comes to imbalances, we look for the underlying cause rather than focusing on the symptom.

Hormone imbalance is at an all time high.  

The obvious signs for women are PMS and difficulties going through menopause. For men it is a bit trickier but the pot belly and man boobs are a big one which indicates high levels of oestrogen and low levels of testosterone as well as low sperm count and erectile dysfunction.  

Fatigue is something that I see in about 90% of my patients. There is more than one underlying cause of this and it too can be related to hormone imbalance, in particular thyroid hormones and adrenals as well as insulin.

Weight gain, belly fat and brain fog are also high on the list of reasons people book appointments with me.  These can be reproductive hormones but can also be insulin, thyroid or adrenals. Food choices also play a major role.

Leptin imbalance is quickly making its way to the top of the list of hormone imbalances that I see.  What is Leptin? Check out this article on dysregulated fat burning hormones by clicking on the photo


How does supporting the detox pathways help?

Detoxification is a natural process that the body conducts all by itself and a big part of it happens in the liver but there are also other areas of the body and even detox cells in the gut.  The body has many elimination pathways to detox your body, you can read about it here by clicking on the photo


When it comes to oestrogen being dominant we need to understand why it is becoming a major problem, in fact, an epidemic.  Both men and women have oestrogen.  Women secrete oestrogen from their ovaries and their adrenals and men from their adrenals.  The main secretion point for women are the ovaries.  When menopause comes around the little amount that is secreted from the adrenals should be enough to maintain the protection that is needed such as bone strength.

When we secrete oestrogen it travels around the body looking for oestrogen binding sites on cells and binds to them and becomes activated.  This is a very important process that needs to occur for many body functions such as being able to fall pregnant.  

One of the biggest contributing factors to disruptions in this process is something called Xenoestrogen.

What are Xenoestrogens?

Xeno means foreign.  Which means that xenoestrogens are oestrogens that are foreign to our body.  They can be natural or synthetic and they compete with our natural production of oestrogen and bind to the oestrogen binding sites on our cells but do NOT do what our natural oestrogens do and therefore creating a hormone imbalance as the signal is sent that more oestrogen is needed as there isn’t enough of it working but this is because it is still being produced but is being pushed out of the way by the foreign hormone and altering the way our body functions.

Where do xenoestrogens come from?

They come from our environment and are found in everyday items.  Makeup, plastics, food, insecticides, building supplies and household products.

Hormone imbalance is not just about adults, it also affects children too.  Read this article on Early Onset Puberty by clicking on the photo below




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Who am I?

I am a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who specialises in improving metabolic processes in the body and reducing metabolic inflammation. Major areas for improvement include gut health, thyroid, kidney, liver, weight loss and mental health. Conditions such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, irritable bowel conditions, depression & anxiety. I help my patients by giving them symptomatic relief while working on repairing the underlying causes of metabolic stress and waste accumulation. 

What if the solution was as simple as changing your diet and your mindset. A growing number researchers believe that it is and that you can prevent or even reverse several of our worst diseases.
As a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist I wholeheartedly believe this could also be possible and that the solution isn't just another pill.  I've spent many years developing my program where I have been able to successfully help my patients reduce and even eliminate their pharma meds, lose weight (most lose 6-8 kilos in 8 weeks) and feel full of energy again and I've helped them take back their health and improve their lives and habits. I can help you too.

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