Glandular Fever

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Glandular Fever, Infectious mononucleosis (mono), kissing disease, what ever you want to call it, if you have ever had it then chances are you are saying that you have just never felt well since then.

This is because is stays with you for life...BUT there is help to get you back on track and feeling better.

Let's talk about Glandular Fever:

It is caused by Epstein-Barr Virus and is part of the Herpes family of viruses. Even if you are a healthy adult you can still be a long term carrier of the virus.

What is Glandular Fever?

It is an acute viral infection which can only be diagnosed by a blood test, however is it usually quite obvious with the swollen glands.

Signs and symptoms of glandular fever include:

- Sore throat
- Temperature above 38 degrees Celsius 
- Headache
- Nausea
- Swollen glands
- Lethargy, this is one of the key signs that sets it apart from a flu
- Muscle aches

The big downside of having glandular fever is that the virus never leaves the body and can recur at any time.

The virus actually lays dormant and hides from the immune system. What this means is that unless you adapt your lifestyle you can experience recurrent symptoms of glandular fever and even develop other conditions as a result of having this.

High stress combined with fatigue are usually connected with having had glandular fever in the past. It may take you longer to recover than others around you.  You might keep getting sick all the time and for a long time.  Generally just don't feel well and haven't since you had it. 

If changes aren't made it can lead to chronic fatigue, if you experience symptoms of long term (chronic) fatigue where you can barely get out of bed then the chances are pretty high that you have had glandular fever and it is the main cause of this. Generally speaking you would also have a sore throat quite frequently that never eventuates into anything.

The good news is that there are ways to treat this through herbs and nutrition. There is no need to continue with chronic fatigue and constant sore throats and feeling unwell. 

You can go back to living a normal life and stay that way with only a few changes.

Who am I?

I am a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who specialises in improving metabolic processes in the body. Major areas for improvement include gut, thyroid, kidney, skin and liver health. Conditions such as hypothyroidism, fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, & irritable bowel conditions. I help my patients by giving them symptomatic relief while working on repairing the underlying causes of metabolic stress and waste accumulation. Patients experience amazing results which are seen in their blood tests with improved thyroid markers, cholesterol, and liver markers.  As well as lower blood pressure and see relief from improved gastrointestinal symptoms like the ones that mean you need to know where every single toilet is before you leave the house. 

Melissa Callaghan ND, BHSc, BTeach
Clinical Naturopath


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