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Being a Naturopath is about ALOT of science. Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the body.  Scientific research papers here and a clinical trial over there. Finding the latest Evidence based research and looking for underlying causes of health conditions and matching up the right herbal medicine or nutritional support to make improvements and repairs. I love what I do and I spend a lot of my time researching for all of my patients.


even with all of that science there is another really important area that needs to be improved for your health to improve and that is


As a Naturopath I am able to spend more quality time with my patients than most other medical professionals, there is no quick in and out in 5 mins and only talk about two problems, I get to spend 30 mins ensuring that all of my patients are moving forward in their treatment plan and working on making any changes to herbal and nutritional medicines as we need to, adjusting treatment strategies based on new research. I am also privileged to have the opportunity to do an emotional check up. I get to ask questions like:

How are you going? and really mean it and be interested in the answer.

Have you been coping ok with life? and provide a safe space for people to say no they aren't coping.

Where are your stress levels at right now? provide ideas on how these can be reduced. 

EMOTIONAL HEALING forms part of our 6 guiding principles as a Naturopath and that is to treat the WHOLE person (not just the symptoms of conditions).


The way I help my patients with emotional healing is almost like a little bit of holistic life coaching, setting intentions, goal setting, life direction, relationship and communication skill building and guiding, interpreting others behaviours and how you interact with them, as well as getting to the bottom of how you are feeling and why.  Helping you to come up with ways to move forward and make changes in your life and the people around you. For those who are parents I can help with parenting guidance as well. Kids are my thing, I understand how they operate. I've had over 20 years experience working with them.

My knowledge comes from many years of teaching children and guiding parents and staff in my past career as an Early Childhood Teacher, Director and Operations manager, and then I have brought those skills and combined them with the counselling and psychology modules in both my Naturopath and Teaching degrees and as a result have been able to help many patients transform their life path as well as build better relationships and connections. 

I have been able to help patients with major life changes with the aid of essences and skillful techniques to use.  Using essences combined with nutrition and herbal medicine.  The essences have been life changing for many people.  Some patients that have struggled with relationships they needed to move on from but couldn't, the passing of a loved one, forgiving those who have hurt you, changing careers, fear of socialising, getting through school and uni. The list goes on. 

Emotional Healing is included in all Naturopathic consultations.

Who am I?

I am a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who specialises in Gut, thyroid and liver health. Conditions such as hypothyroidism, fatty liver, high cholesterol, diabetes, & irritable bowel conditions. I help my patients by improving their symptoms while working on repairing the underlying cause. Patients experience amazing results which are seen in their blood tests with improved thyroid markers, cholesterol, and liver markers.  As well as the relief from improved gastrointestinal symptoms like the ones that mean you need to know where every single toilet is before you go anywhere.

Melissa Callaghan ND, BHSc, BTeach
Clinical Naturopath

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